A Motivational Story for Actors
Breaking Into Hollywood

By Michael J. Wallach
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Michael Wallach will be instructing his popular
UCLA Extension 6 week course "This Business of Acting"
in the upcoming Winter Quarter
Personal Manager Joannie Burstein (clients include Patrick Dempsey of "Grey's Anatomy") says: "How To Get Arrested' is a must read for actors of all levels -- I would encourage my clients to spend an evening soaking up these wonderful words of wisdom".


Personal Manager Joannie Burstein (clients include Patrick Dempsey of "Grey's Anatomy") says:
"This is a must read for actors of all levels -- I would encourage my clients
to spend an evening soaking up these wonderful words of wisdom".
“I have young people around me who try to weave through the tangles and get somewhere acting in Los Angeles. As I read this book, I heard the precise emotions that come across my kitchen table and on the phone. Every sigh, cry, laugh and wail. The book is sensible and readable and catches all the nuances of such a tough, complicated business. Michael Wallach commits the grievous error of using common sense. If I were in the business, which I am glad I’m not, this would be my guide and every day. Congratulations on a fine job, one that is a service to these ragamuffins in the outer office waiting to become huge stars.”
Jimmy Breslin, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist
“As a client of Michael Wallach Management, I have relied on his wisdom, expertise, and guidance for years. Now he’s put his considerable savvy into a book, and one that’s an easy, fun read at that. It’s a touchstone for the actor who wants to navigate this very tricky business of our.”
John Savage , Actor, More than 100 feature films and TV productions
“The Deer hunter,” “The Thin Red Line,” James Cameron’s “Dark Angel”
“Michael Wallach’s course for UCLA Extension, “This Business of Acting™” has become popular and for good reason – he has a plethora of information and a unique, easy-mannered delivery, both of which are in marvelous evidence in “How to Get Arrested’.”
Jane Kagon , Director,
Department of EntertainmentStudies, UCLA Extension

“This book is utterly charming, informative and unique – a terrific read for anyone who acts or wants to professionally. It is an engaging tale of two actors traveling on two different roads, both pursuing the same dream. The surprises and lessons learned are great not only for the two characters, but for us, the reader. Bravo! A book to enjoy and learn from.”
Joanne Baron , Actress, Acting Coach, Producer
Joanne Baron / D
. W. Brown Acting Studio
Coached Halle Berry and Julia Stiles to name a few

“What frequently strikes me about actors is they think because what they do is considered an art form, that their talent alone will propel them to success. The truth is, even the most charismatic actor needs to focus on the business of acting itself to make the climb. They need to know you don’t just put on a tight sweater and sit at a lunch counter like Lana Turner and get a movie contract. Lucky for them, Michael Wallach has written this book. It’s a genuine blueprint for success, and if many of the actors who audition for me read it, I’m positive their chances to ‘make it’ will be markedly improved.”
Victoria Burrows , Casting Director,
More Than 100 Feature Films and TV Productions
Including “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy

“Mastering the art of tennis and playing poker are two challenges I’d like to think I’ve taken on well, but show business is a different sort of competition. Now, ‘How to Get Arrested’ comes along and gives actors a realistic framework for mastering the art of making it in a game that has an elastic rule book.”
Vince Van Patten , Actor, Host, “World Poker Tour”

“I wish I had this book when I was starting out. It would have saved me a lot of time and heartache. My 17 year old niece wants to be an actress and this book is the gift I’m giving to her.”
Eileen Davidson , Actress, Emmy-nominated for
“The Young and the Restless” and “Days of Our Lives”

“I started acting as a kid and even with experience in front of the camera as I got older and had to make career decisions it was still all new. I would ask why there wasn’t some book to help. Well, Michael Wallach has finally written that book and even with a lifetime acting, I feel more informed and more self-empowered after reading it.”
Morgan Brittany , Actress, “Dallas,” “Glitter,” “Gypsy”

“Like no other book – a fun story format reveals nuance and wisdom for the finest possibilities toward success both financial and artistic in Hollywood.”
Steven Nash, Personal Manager
, Talent Managers Association

“I have been casting film and television for more than 20 years and have seen the many methods actors use in order to be cast. After reading an insightful, motivational, and practical book called ‘How to Get Arrested,’ I can say unequivocally that this book will be an extremely valuable tool for the actor.”
Jan Glaser, Casting Director
More Than 75 Feature Film and TV Productions

“Some personal managers tell their clients to do the acting and let them take care of business, but I’ve never subscribed to that theory and neither does Michael Wallach. Instead, with ‘How to Get Arrested’ he’s given actors a primer to understanding how show business works. It’s a great idea brilliantly executed.
Tami Lynn , Personal Manager
Clients include Christina Applegate

“I fell in love with Dick and Jane. They are a perfect foil for veteran show biz advisor Michael Wallach’s sage advice on how to break into the L.A. scene.”
Carolyn Howard-Johnson , Author of
“The Frugal Book Promoter
: How to Do What Your Publisher Won’t”

“My company has been managing actors for more than 30 years in both New York and Los Angeles, and with new clients we always have to try to teach them the business side of their careers. Now we can start by having them read ‘How to Get Arrested’ -- it’s a marvelous, concise book.
Helene Sokol, Personal Manager, Cuzzins Management

“Michael Wallach’s ‘How to Get Arrested’ is a riveting inside look at the difficult journey of making it as an actor.”
Marv Albert, Sportscaster

“Show Business is neither easy to understand nor easy to navigate. Within the pages of ‘How to Get Arrested’ Michael Wallach finds a way to present the ‘How to Succeed’ in the most accessible way I have ever read. This is a charming story, truly motivational, and the perfect gift for the aspiring actor – and we all know aspiring actors.
Alan L. Gansberg , Writer-Producer,
Four-time Emmy nominee, Former TV Editor, The Hollywood Reporter

“What I enjoyed most about ‘How to Get Arrested’ was the format was so different. It wasn’t like the typical how-to-become-an-actor books you normally see. It stands alone. Michael Wallach was able to grab my attention emotionally through the characters of Dick and Jane, who, of course, translate into my own life. His storytelling actually re-energized me.”
Genevieve Lee, Aspiring Actress, Student of “This Business of Acting™”

“I’ve read the book and I love it. It is written simply without making anyone wrong, just ignorant. Most successful actors work at their careers just as Michael Wallach has shown. The book has the encouragement of a fable like ‘The Little Prince’ that teaches lessons beautifully. I am so excited about this book. It is truly wonderful.”
Judy Kerr, Actress, Author of “Acting is Everything: An Actor’s
Guideline for a Successful Career in Los Angeles” (11th Golden Edition)

"Michael Wallach’s “How to Get Arrested” is a brilliant parable that proves that making the right moves is always preceded by arduous homework. Success is all about creating your unique brand, building and nurturing relationships, and networking—no matter what field you’re in! I have recommended this book to my graduate MBA students, my corporate clients, and especially the actors I work with."
 Dr. Gilda Carle, Relationship Expert and Author of “Don’t Bet on the Prince!”

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