A Motivational Story for Actors
Breaking Into Hollywood

By Michael J. Wallach
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Personal Manager Joannie Burstein (clients include Patrick Dempsey of "Grey's Anatomy") says: "How To Get Arrested' is a must read for actors of all levels -- I would encourage my clients to spend an evening soaking up these wonderful words of wisdom".



How to Get Arrested by Michael J. Wallach
Book Review
By Karl Waddell of ActorsLife.com

How to Get Arrested cleverly adapts the old story book "Dick and Jane" characters to illustrate the journey of two actors who have just arrived in Los Angeles. The title plays on the old saying, "I can't get arrested in this town!", the lament of actors who aren't attracting any attention or any jobs.

As a personal manager for more than 20 years, Mr. Wallach was no doubt drawing on his own experiences guiding the careers of actors and other industry professionals as he wrote this book.

His choice of "Dick and Jane" as his lead characters clearly reflects his desire to teach the basic principles behind success. As the books we all read in grade school, How to Get Arrested lays out the fundamentals for success in unambiguous terms.

Dick is cocky. Jane has self-confidence.

Dick expects to be "discovered" by a producer as he walks off the plane in L.A. Jane understands that showbiz success is the result of good habits and consistent effort.

Can you guess who succeeds in this story?

While, yes, How to Get Arrested is a "quick read", the simplicity of the style is deliberate. Rather than providing a to-do list for acting success, Mr. Wallach has woven an emotionally engaging fable in which lessons are thoughtfully illustrated. Interspersed throughout the story are tidbits of advice, wisdom, and encouragement disguised as narration.

I found it a refreshing reminder of the simple steps that are often overlooked (or ignored) by overwhelmed (or lazy) actors. Consistent effort, a positive attitude, and good habits won't guarantee success in Hollywood, but the opposite of these things will definitely guarantee failure.

While it might be easier to believe that acting success is the result of some intangible "x-factor" or just dumb luck... How to Get Arrested illustrates that your success or failure is in your hands. The choices you make are yours, and this book helps illuminate a path to success.
Review of How to Get Arrested
Book Review
Bob Fraser

Let's begin with a little moaning and groaning on my part: Michael Wallach has written a book I wish I'd written.

The best thing about his book is that it speaks the truth.

In this book, Dick and Jane are actors. Get it? How To Get Arrested is a primer for the acting business. And frankly, their stories will give you the kind of knowledge you MUST HAVE– to have any hope of success in Show Biz.

Dick and Jane's Trip to Hollywood contains episode after episode that
prove the truth of this fact: Different choices, inevitably, lead to different results.

From what they decide to eat on the plane to Los Angeles – to how they listen to the cab driver on the way from LAX to their apartment ...
Dick and Jane begin their journey as friends, but they make different
choices, distinctions and realizations as each tries to "make a go of
it" in Hollywood.

So ... who "makes it?" Dick or Jane?

I'm not going to give that part away – because Mr. Wallach has constructed this delightful fable in such a way that I'm sure you will KNOW which is which, as the story progresses.

Mr. Wallach, a talent manager, has coalesced a broad range of knowledge into this easy to read book. He touches on all the main
actor's issues. Those things that determine success in this business – and he does it with precise and complete examples of the differences between Dick's way of doing things ... and Jane's way.

Personally, I loved the adventures of Dick and Jane in Hollywood.

Every actor who cares about working should read How To Get Arrested.
It is one of the easiest to understand explanations of how "this town"
really works, I've ever seen.

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