A Motivational Story for Actors
Breaking Into Hollywood

By Michael J. Wallach
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From the Chapter “Time to Audition”

Dick is on the couch watching TV when he hears the fax machine churning out paper. He stops munching on the potato chips, puts down the can of beer, approaches the machine, and looks over at the incoming sides. “Looks like there's a role here for me, too,” he calls out to Jane. Although it is Jane's audition, she wants to help Dick and suggests they rehearse the sides together.

After a few minutes working on the sides, Dick stops to ask Jane if she is going to audition with the casting director alone or will the director be there also. Jane says it is for the casting director only.

“Are you serious?” says Dick. “That's a waste of time, you have to eventually audition for the director anyway in order to get the job. Might as well have the director there. So, tell your agent you want to read for the director, too.”

That may sound logical, but it doesn't work like that when you're new and not necessarily when you're a veteran either. It's more important that the casting director believes that you're right for the role and then helps you get it. Before your audition with the producer or director, the casting director might tell you what they are looking for. He or she may tell you how they want to see the role played (show more sadness when saying a particular line, don't act as angry, and so on). Information like this could get you the job. Also, producers and directors have high regard for the casting director, who is hired for his or her expertise. They want the person (who may be paid tens of thousands of dollars) to select the best candidates for the role, thereby finding them a great cast and saving them valuable pre-production time.

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